Custom equipment

deck accessories and custom workings

Spinnaker poles

Customized production of carbon fibre spinnaker poles, with thickness from mm 1 to mm 5 and diameter from mm 30 to mm 120, available with following sections:


  1. Cylindrical section: is made by a single piece with constant section and thickness
  2. Conic section: is made by a single piece, constantly tapered in its whole length
  3. Biconic shaped section: is made by a single piece, with a cylindrical central part and two constantly tapered ends


We produce carbon fiber bowsprits with stationary or movable fixing, with dimension and characteristic requested by the client.

Carbon clew boards

We produce carbon clew board with titanium fittings, for self tacking jib, suitable for boats from 50 ft to 140 ft, for stay sail, jib sail and storm sail.

Deck accessories and custom workings

We build and modify accessories and deck equipment.

We are able to satisfy the most particular request, even if for single piece or for prototype.

With carbon fiber or composite materials we realize deck equipment, components and accessories for sailing and motor boats, we realize hulls, hydrodynamic envelopes and working machines. As well as the hydrodynamic envelope for a submarine, we built the prototype for a sailplane.

In the gallery there are pictures of some workings done on sailing yachts.