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since 1983

Quick Batten

To support the many needs of the sailmakers we cooperate with and to find solutions to the challenges of our clients, we are constantly researching new solutions to improve our products.

The experience and knowledge of our staff, leads to a constant professional and technical updating, allowing us to offer new developments, new designs and new production processes.

Since 1983, we have been operating in the field of composite materials in the industrial and sports area. Since 1988, we have been specializing in the production of sail battens for boats from the little optimist to the sailing and cruising sailing yacht, achieving the highest levels of reliability.

We also produce custom articles of deck fittings, realized with the most innovative composite materials in collaboration with sailmakers and designers.

In the workings of composite materials, we do not satisfy just marine field: in addition to a submarine hull, we built the prototype for a sailplane.

Our offices are few meters from the sea and offer an 8 meter deep dock and spaces for hauling, refitting and storage of sailing and motorboats, even of big dimension.

Marine, nautical and sailing industry has long history in Trieste and are supported by highly specialized companies. Moreover we are one of the six members and co-founder of the Nautical Center of Trieste, the Polo Nautico.